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Idol Plays

Tree Puzzle

Tree Puzzle

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The Challenging Tree Puzzle Survivor Replica! 

This Survivor Puzzle is for any Survivor SuperFAN wanting a challenging replica to practice with the dream of playing for real!

This tricky puzzle is a survivor classic made even more challenging as all of the pieces are slightly different thicknesses ‘The puzzle is the great equalizer’!

This Puzzle has been seen on Two separate occasions in survivor history. 

-Survivor Season 40: Winners at War during episode three as the survivor winners Boston Rob and Michelle Fitzgerald lost to Sophie Clarke and Sarah Lacina!

-Survivor Season 44 during the 'mergatory' earn the merge challenge as the players were split into two different groups and Carson Garrett dominated the challenge win with practicing the puzzle before going to play survivor!


-3D printed using PLA

-6.6 inches tall x 9.8 inches wide

What's Included:

-Survivor Tree Puzzle 

-Muslin bag to hold pieces

-Special: 'idol plays' sticker

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-Deadline to cancel order = 24 hours after placing order

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Akshay Chawdhry
Great fun!

Such a classic puzzle and wow is it a lot more difficult than it appears! Great fun, lasts quite a long time. Highly recommend! Love from Norway

Emily Waite
Love this puzzle!

It is proudly displayed on my desk at work where it gets a lot of attention. I will definitely be adding to the collection.