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Idol Plays

Snake to the Top

Snake to the Top

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The Legendary Snake to the Top table top Replica! This Survivor game is the Ultimate gift for yourself or for any Survivor SuperFAN in your life!

With the official Idol plays score card, Complete the challenge the best you can, write down your scores, and share on social media to see how you rank with other players!

This Challenging game is truly the perfect twist if you have what it takes to play survivor! "This Challenge Is On!"

This is a tabletop version of the snake and balls challenge from many season of Survivor. The goal is to roll the ball bearing into the head of the snake.

-Survivor Season 37: David VS Goliath for immunity as all three tribes were battling it out to navigate the ball up the snake maze. Players like Nick Wilson, Alec Merlino, and John Hennigan competed as Alec and John's tribe ultimately won!

-Survivor Season 38: Edge of Extinction for the RE-ENTER the game as Rick Devens would earn his way back into Survivor at the merge!

-Survivor Season 40: Winners at War for the RE-ENTER the game as Tyson Apostol would earn his way back into Survivor at the merge by defeating Boston Rob!

-Survivor 44: for immunity as all three tribes were battling it out! Players like Carson Garrett, Carolyn Wiger, Yam Yam Arocho, and Matthew Grindstead-Mayle completed as Matthew won with practicing the game at home. 


-3D printed using PLA

-1 foot tall x 6.5 inches wide

-Platform = 0.6 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide

-Rings = 1.5 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide

What's Included:

-Survivor Snake to the Top Game

-2 balls


-Score Card

-Dry Erase Marker to write scores down

-Muslin bag to hold pieces 

-Special: 'idol plays' sticker

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