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Idol Plays

Pyramid of Balls

Pyramid of Balls

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The misleading Survivor Pyramid of Balls Puzzle gives the community an opportunity to practice for Survivor just like the real Players. 

This Survivor Puzzle is the perfect gift for any Survivor SuperFAN who wants to experience why the "Puzzles are the great equalizers" on survivor with the ability to solve in seconds or being stuck forever!

The Pyramid of Balls is available in 3 different colours to showcase your favourite survivor tribe colours. With the Red Tribe, Blue Tribe, and Yellow Tribe.

This Unique puzzle looks super easy at first glance, but has tricked many different players in survivor history. The puzzle has shown practice makes perfect to prepare for the challenges.

-Survivor Survivor Season 38: Edge of Extinction during the team immunity challenge where the underdog Tribe, The Lesu four were able to get a come from behind victory including David Wright, Kelley Wentworth, Wardog, and Lauren O'Connell

-Survivor Season 41: Episode 8 during the reward challenge where Evvie was able to win the challenge in last place with practicing the puzzle before going to play survivor!


-3D printed using PLA

-3.0 inches tall x 3.0 inches wide

What's Included:

-Survivor Pyramid of Balls Puzzle

-Muslin bag to hold pieces

-Special: 'idol plays' sticker

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-Deadline to cancel order = 24 hours after placing order

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