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Labyrinth Maze

Labyrinth Maze

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The Fan-Favorite Survivor Labyrinth Maze Table top Replica! This Survivor game challenges the players dexterity to the limits and is one of the best gifts for yourself or for any Survivor SuperFAN in your life!

With the official Idol plays score card, Complete the challenge the best you can, write down your scores, and share on social media to see how you rank with other players!

This Challenging game is ultimately best for SuperFAN'S that what to imagine they are playing survivor and win Immunity!

This is a tabletop version of the Labyrinth Maze challenge from many season of Survivor. The goal is to roll the ball bearing through the maze without dropping! You need to land three balls to win!

-Survivor Season 23: South Pacific for the Redemption Island duel between Cochran and Ozzy! Where Ozzy would ultimately defeat Cochran!

-Survivor Season 27: Blood VS Water for the Redemption Island duel between Vytas, Aras, and Tina! We would watch Tina and Vytas win the Redemption Island Duel, eliminating his brother Aras!

-Survivor Season 30: Worlds Apart for individual immunity with players like Mike Holloway, Carolyn Rivera, and Rodney Lavoie would battle it out. Mike would go on a legendary immunity challenge streak winning the challenge!

-Survivor Season 40: Winners at War for a team reward and immunity challenge! As Sophie Clark would carry her team including Adam Klein, Ben Driebergen, and Sarah Lacina to victory!

-Survivor Season 45: for Individual Reward as the castaways including Bruce Perreault, Austin Li Coon, and Dee Valladares would run through a series of obstacles ending at the Labyrinth maze where Emily Flippen would win!


-3D printed using PLA

-9.5 inches tall x 9 inches wide

-Platform = 0.3 inches tall x 10.5 inches wide

-Rings = 1.5 inches tall x 1.5 inches wide

What's Included:

-Survivor Labyrinth Maze Game

-3 balls


-Score Card

-Dry Erase Marker to write scores down

-Muslin bag to hold pieces 

-Special: 'idol plays' sticker

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-Deadline to cancel order = 24 hours after placing order

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